3D - Test Stand for the measurement of friction coefficients and friction noises

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Noises due to friction can have a very unpleasant psycho-acoustic effect on humans, which has a direct effect on a negative assessment of the perceived quality of the final product. However, friction noise can also lead to functional disorder. Contact pairs are for example skin to fabric, fabric to fabric, skin or fabric to third contact materials.

In addition, friction noise as it occurs in vehicles can be investigated, whereby these can be road-related or function-related. The test stand makes it possible to verify and evaluate acoustically emitted noises.


The focus is not only on the material properties like friction/stick-slip of material pairs such as fabric to fabric (or to other materials), but also on the acoustically emitted noise.

Currently, there is no test stand available that meets the above-mentioned goals. The previous stick-slip test rigs only tested material properties. The simultaneous detection of the acoustically emitted noises is a total new development.


Through acoustic parameterization, Korema can correlate the psycho-acoustic effect of friction noises on the human perception and qualify it in the form of a degree of disturbance. This knowledge is very useful for developing optimal material pairs for textiles. Those combinations are perceived as pleasant by the customer and thus increase the subjective product quality.

  • Shorter development times
  • Increase in product quality
  • Avoidance of after works
  • Avoidance of returns
A typical application would be the evaluation of possible contact pairs, e.g:
    • Skin to fabric
    • Fabric to fabric
    • Skin or fabric to third contact materials