Repair of Test benches

Service for the repair of test benches

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Within the warranty /​ guarantee /​ mainte­nance agreement
    • All systems are covered by a one-​​year warranty. Please check your invoice to see whether the device was purchased within this period of one year.
Out of warranty /​ warranty /​ mainte­nance agreement
    • Out of warranty or without a valid mainte­nance agreement, we will repair your product or system on a time and material basis. You will receive a cost estimation in advance.

With all the care taking in the manufac­turing process and despite regular mainte­nance, it can always happen that a test stand has a defect. In this case, ZIEGLER-​​Instruments offers a repair service that our customers can take advantage of.

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If you have any questions regarding warranty, guarantee, cost estimates or mainte­nance agree­ments, please contact us.

List of supported Test Benches
  • SSP-​​03
  • SSP-​​04
  • H3P
  • Korema
  • HapTemp