Test Stand for the influence of third substances

The test stand H3P is especially designed for the measurement of stick-​​slip effects under the influence of third substances, which influence the tribo­logical system, such as oils, greases, fuels, coolants, water, pastes or dusts.

The influence of third substances on the tribo­logical properties of materials, such as static friction, dynamic friction, stick-​​slip as well as abrasion and wear, is consid­erable and can possibly lead to malfunc­tions.

Test Stand for the influence of material pairs

The SSP-​​04 is especially designed to measure the stick-​​slip effect of a material combi­na­tions with the help of an accel­er­ation sensor under typical appli­cation condi­tions. In addition, the static and dynamic coeffi­cient of frction are measured.

Noise phenomena caused by critical material combi­na­tions are often perceived as unpleasant and reduce the subjective quality of a product. In addition, stick-​​slip can lead to increased abrasion, wear and malfunction.

Test Stand for the measurement of friction

Through acoustic parame­ter­i­zation, Korema can correlate the psycho-​​acoustic effect of friction noises on the human perception and qualify it in the form of a degree of distur­bance.

This knowledge is very useful for devel­oping optimal material pairs for textiles. Those combi­na­tions are perceived as pleasant by the customer and thus increase the subjective product quality.