Test Stand Calibration

Calibration Service of test stands

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Included values:
  • Calibration of spring return force
  • Calibration of the contact force
  • Checking of the Accelerom­eters
  • Checking of the temper­ature display
  • Checking of the humidity display
  • Inves­ti­gation of the temper­ature display
  • Scaling the slide position
  • Scaling of the velocity of the linear table
  • Visual inspection of functions, sensors and screws
  • Cleaning of the guide rails if necessary
  • Repair of minor defects

As robust and stable our measuring instru­ments may be, only regular mainte­nance and calibration guarantees the measuring accuracy of the test stands. ZIEGLER-​​Instruments therefore offers its customers a calibration service in which not only the test bench is recal­i­brated, but the entire functions of the device – and all parameters – are checked.

The following measures are carried out as part of this service:

  • Calibration of the reset force of the spring and the normal force by measuring with a appro­priate equipment that is traced to DKD or compa­rable standards. The accelerom­eters as well as the scaling of the slide position and the slide speed is checked as well.
  • Furthermore, the entire test stand, including the computer and its software, is checked for defects, damage or possible malfunc­tions. Of course, the customer receives a certificate for the calibration carried out.
  • If minor defects are discovered on a device after the warranty period has expired, these will also be remedied at no additional cost within the scope of a calibration carried out. For larger defects, the customer will receive a cost estimate as a basis for his decision.

If you have any questions regarding warranty, cost estimates or mainte­nance contracts, please contact our sales department or our service department.

List of supported test stands
    • SSP-​​03
    • SSP-​​04
    • H3P
    • Korema
    • HapTemp