Test Stand for the investigation of stick-slip effects under the influence of third substances

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The H3P is specifically designed to measure the stick-slip effect under the influence of third substances such as oils, greases, water, paste and dust.

These third substances settle on a material surface and surround a material combination. They can therefore influence the tribological system and thus reduce the quality of a product and lead to malfunctions.

The influence of third substances on the tribological properties of materials, such as the static and dynamic friction, stick-slip and as well as abrasion and wear, is to considered. The test stand enables the systematic measurement and analysis of these properties. In addition, the influence of corrosive and wear-promoting lubricants can be quantivied and tested for abrasion with this test technique.

This is helpful in order to plan and take appropriate countermeasures in early development stages. Ideally even before selecting the material combinations and starting serial production.

Stick-slip measurements have been carried out successfully for many years, especially in the automotive industry, and are already part of various test specifications.


The H3P detects critical material combinations under the influence of third parties that later reduce the objective quality of the product in form of increased abrasion, wear and even malfunction. In addition, these material pairs also reduce the subjective quality of a product through loss of gloss or matting of surfaces.

  • Shorter development times
  • Increased product quality
  • Avoidance of recalls
Fields of application
    • Investigation of material pairings under the influence of third substances such as oil, grease, dust and lubricants.
    • The change of the dynamic friction force and the influence of lubrication between a material pair over time can be tested using a specially integrated abrasion mode.
    • Measurement of the influence of dust on seals against painted sheet metal or glass.