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We think ahead …

… and assist our customers with systems and engineering services in the field of perceived quality.

The avoidance of squeak and rattle comprises the complete genesis of a product, from design and development to in-line tests.

This includes systems for testing the compatibility of materials, shaker systems for squeak and rattle tests and in-line/off-line acoustic testing systems.

Our services include tests with the above systems and, in addition to that, the preventive contact analysis of CAD data with risk assessment of squeak and rattle, analysis and cause finding of problems in components as well as the development of solutions.

Touch haptics is a sub-discipline of perceived quality. We offer systems and services for acquiring and analyzing haptic characteristics. We focus on the haptic quality of products such as motorcars, cosmetics, clothing, detergents, and medical applications.

The vibration and sound discipline includes equipment and services for vibration generation and measurement as well as the measurement of sound events of all kinds with handheld devices or PC based equipment.