Techniques and services for measuring and improving acoustic and haptic product quality

As a highly specialized company in the following areas:

we operate worldwide in an extremely innovative environment. Our products and services have unique technical features that make us one of the leading global suppliers. Furthermore, our product range is extended by the volumeter from RION, the world’s leading company for the acoustic determination of the volume and density of solids.

Our portfolio of products and services is characterized by the fact that they:

  • have leading edge technology and therefore offer unique technical features
  • are based on a very specialized and long-standing know-how, which only very few companies in the world possess at all
  • are anchored in test specifications and standards whenever possible and reasonable.

All these factors make us the leading company in the field of perceived, acoustic and haptic product quality. Through constant research into new technologies and the development of new test methods, for example to capture the stick-slip effect, we constantly try to remain this position in the long term.