Core Competence

Squeak & Rattle
As a specialist and industry expert in the domain of annoying noises and acoustics quality we are committed to improve the perceived sound quality of products.

Core Competence

Swinging & Sound
In our test laboratory we carry out, quickly and efficiently, the necessary tests to evaluate existing vibrations and noises on products.

Core Competence

Haptics & Sense
Beyond that ZIEGLER-Instruments is a specialist in touch haptics and the related active feeling of materials and the objectiveness of their perceived quality.

research and


here are experts at work

We develop special test benches for vibration and noise, tribology and vibration excitation on the basis of your specifications. Besides, to cement our technology leadership, we are regular partners to government funded research projects.

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quality by

ISO 9001ISO 9001
and VDA 6.4

Assuring the quality or processes and products by appropriate certifications, accreditations and approvals such as ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4 is a matter of course for us.

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We offer cross-process elimination of noise

This is based on the use of most advanced CAE systems as well as standardized material pair tests of stick-slip related contact pairs. The fact that different materials in a car feel alike – the technical term for that is material match – is assisted by us with our haptics system which embraces all physical parameters that determine haptics and creates a fingerprint of material surfaces. This is the basis on which an objective comparison can be made.

news from our s&r blog

  • Invitation to Gothenburg

    Ladies and gentlemen, Annoying noise is still part of our everyday lives and will be in the future. As in previous years we are going to organize our forum. Our 9th International S&R Forum will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden,…

  • Current Situation in regards to Haptics

    After intensive measurements and the newly obtained knowledge it was possible for us, the company ZIEGLER-Instruments to move forwards in haptics. The measurement process for the individual test stands for the different haptical descriptors were revised and optimized, so that…