S&R Vibration

S&R test on powerful shaker systems

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As a result of technological progress, modern cars emit much less squeak and rattle than in earlier years. This not only benefits the environment, being exposed to less noise is also much more pleasant for the passengers.

Because the noise level is so low, squeak and rattle are noticed much earlier than in cars of past years. Buyers or cars expect high levels of comfort, which is a particular challenge to the car makers. Therefore, the “acoustic product quality“ is gaining ever more importance in the development of new cars.

ZIEGLER-Instruments have over 20 years experience in the identification and elimination of S&R in the automotive sector. Today our expertise in this field has become attractive to many companies in the industry and beyond.

In this connection, we offer our customers an extensive range of testing services such as S&R studies on our powerful shaker systems. Most modern sound and vibration measuring equipment, from the simple microphone to complex analytical camera systems, is available and enables us to perform examinations and tests across a wide bandwidth.

Whether standard tests of seats, consoles, instrument panels, etc. or individual test set-ups as specified by you, we will perform the test for you.