Line-integrated examination of functional sound in production

A vehicle contains a multitude of moving parts many of which are motor-powered. The operation of motor-powered components causes what is called functional sound. Functional sound cannot be avoided, as a rule. Therefore it is particularly important to ensure that functional sound is an agreeable sound. Noise such as crackle, squeal, squeak or rattle is undesirable. It mars the quality impression and along with that makes motoring less of an experience.

End of Line Sitzprüfstand

End of Line test bench for car seats

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the frequency of customers complaining about disagreeable noise. These complaints give rise to immense cost for the elimination of noise and may, in the worst case, lead to an image loss of the car maker.

End-of-line tests can subject functional components to an acoustic test at the end of the production line where bad parts can be eliminated. This avoids the entry of bad parts in the production process and high cost expenditure for the repair of complaints. End-of-line test benches thus help avoid cost and finally also make the image safer.

ZIEGLER-Instruments have many years of experience in this field and successfully installed a large number of such end-of-line test benches. The test bench concepts are all based on out ZoundLab software. With this software, extensive vibro-acoustic measurements can be performed quickly and efficiently on components. As soon as a measurement starts, the specimen is evaluated in a parallel process. As a rule, the result is available only a few seconds after the completion of the measurements so that even large lots can be tested within short time.

We will be glad to develop the concept for design your test bench. In addition to the required hardware and software, we apply our expertise in the definition of good part/bad part criteria. Just contact us, we will find a solution for your test task.