Service for testing the suitability of materials and their lifetime

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  • Datenblatt SSP-04
  • Datenblatt H3P


Stick-slip measurements provide indications of critical material combinations and the influence of third substances which reduce the objective quality of the product through abrasion and wear. In addition, these effects also reduce the subjective quality of a product due to unwanted noises.


  • Shorter development times
  • Faster product launch
  • Increase of the product quality
  • Avoidance of after works
  • Reduction of warranty costs

Areas of application SSP-04:

  • Evaluation of any material combination for potential squeaking noises
  • Measurement of the elastic-plastic behaviour of components (e.g. seals)
  • Simulation of mileage driven for example 100,000 kmcan be simulated to determine the abrasion behaviour of coatings or surfaces.

For the automotive industry, a special lifetime profile was recorded, which correlates with the kilometers driven on the road. Different road profiles, such as motorway, country road, town, etc., were taken into account and then merged into one profile. This allows to simulate 100,000 driven kilometers within 20 hours. In addition, the lifetime test can be superimposed with different climatic conditions.

Areas of application H3P:

  • Investigation of material pairings under the influence of third substances such as oil, grease, dust and lubricants.
  • With a specially integrated abrasion mode the change of friction between a material combination can be tested.
  • Measurement of the influence of dust on seals against painted sheet metal or glass.

The occurrence of stick-slip phenomena when using certain materials can be attributed either to incompatible material combinations or to the influence of third substances. With the SSP-04 and H3P stick-slip test stands, ZIEGLER -Instruments can predict possible stick-slip effects and the associated squeak problems.

The selection of a suitable material or a suitable material combination prevents disturbing noises by stick-slip and thus ultimately customer complaints. Due to many years of experience – and numerous research projects – ZIEGLER-Instruments has a high degree of special knowledge around the topic of material pairs and the influence of third materials.

We make this knowledge available to our customers as a service by carrying out stick-slip tests with our own test stands within our material lab. However, we do not only provide measurement results but also propose solutions based on our expertise to avoid stick-slip effects.

Since today’s products should not only be flawless upon delivery, but also after several years, the lifetime plays an increasingly important role. For this reason, we have developed a special lifetime profile which allows us to simulate 100,000 driven kilometres on our test stands.