Haptic reference system with 9 descriptors and 45 samples

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The TouchFeel-​​Box makes it possible – within the scope of quality assurance of materials – to check the tactile properties of the surface.

From an objective point of view, this surface must not only meet certain safety standards, but must also subjec­tively evoke a special haptic perception.

The purchase decision of a product depends not only on the technical objective aspects, but also on the subjective perception.

If a surface does not trigger a positive or expected sensation while touching, this leads to irritation. This deviation is also called cognitive disso­nance.

With the help of the TouchFeel-​​Box, the touch feeling can be broken down into different impres­sions and assigned to haptic descriptors. The relevance of the haptic descriptors has been deter­mined by numerous studies.


The TouchFeel-​​Box provides feedback to objective and subjective tactile properties of a surface. Product managers have the possi­bility to positively influence the objective quality and the perceived quality of a product before series production and thus avoid cognitive disso­nances that can lead to negative feedback from customers.

  • Shorter devel­opment times
  • Increase of objective product quality
  • Optimization of subjective product quality
    • Evalu­ation of the objective tactile properties of a surface, e.g. in the context of quality assurance
    • Evalu­ation of the subjective tactile properties of a surface, e.g. in the context of marketing decisions
    • Deter­mi­nation of a haptic finger­print for better compa­ra­bility