Lifetime simulation of material compatibility

Abrasion and Wear can have a significant influence on materials over its lifetime. This can cause the loss of functionality and therefore be a security risk. With this is in mind OEM´s and their customers are more and more concerned about the compatibility of material combinations. In order to predict the behavior of a material pair, lifetime simulation with actual road profiles gives an initial assessment.

Currently there are different Test Stands available, which are capable to simulate some sort of abrasion. The test set-up varies and the test conditions do not simulate the actual situation. This meant the goal for Ziegler-Instrument was to develop a measurement method that can simulate 100.000 km under real conditions. Data for the distribution of road profiles over 100.000km was collected. For those individual types of roads the acceleration data was recorded. The data was then put together within one profile. With the use of time lapse the total running time was decreased, which increased the lab efficiency.

Ziegler-Instruments has developed a Stick-Slip Test Stand that is capable of simulating lifetime, but also measure the Stick-Slip phenomena in between. In the past those measurements have been conducted on two different machines. It was difficult to make sure that the exact same surface position was used for every measurement. Not only that issue is solved, with the SSP-04 lifetime cycles can be performed with climate superposition. Users can start the measurement and then come back when it’s finished. This saves a lot of time that can be used more efficiently for additional projects.

To further increase the awareness of lifetime testing the implementation within test specification is under consideration. The fact that the importance of the lifetime did increase over the last couple of years, made the VDA rethink their current standards. In the next revision lifetime is planned to be an inherent part of the test scope.