Test benches for measuring friction effects

H3P Stick-Slip-Prüfstand

Influence of third substances

The test bench H3P is especially designed for the measurement of stick-slip effects under the influence of third substances, which influence the tribological system, such as oils, greases, fuels, coolants, water, pastes or dusts.

The influence of third substances on the tribological properties of materials, such as static friction, dynamic friction, stick-slip as well as abrasion and wear, is considerable and can possibly lead to malfunctions.

Korema Prototype

Influence of movement

The test bench has been developed in order to be able to reproduce the movements of people while walking, moving, touching with regard to speed, movement form and touch force.

The test bench, which works in three dimensions to measure friction values and friction noises, uses acoustic parameterization to represent the effect of friction noises on humans in the form of a disturbance degree of the friction noise.

SSP-04 Stick-Slip-Prüfstand

Influence of material pairs

The SSP-04 is especially designed to measure the stick-slip effect of a material combinations with the help of an acceleration sensor under typical application conditions. In addition, the static and dynamic coefficient of frction are measured.

Noise phenomena caused by critical material combinations are often perceived as unpleasant and reduce the subjective quality of a product. In addition, stick-slip can lead to increased abrasion, wear and malfunction.