Training on the job

Service for on-​​site training at the workplace

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Due to their high complexity, standardized seminars or training courses in the areas of tribo-​​acoustics or touch sensi­tivity are often difficult to implement. Secrecy may also play a role. This is why we offer our customers the possi­bility of onsite training in the form of on-​​the-​​job training.

With “Training on the Job”, which is specially tailored to the special needs of the individual production and devel­opment environment, we offer an alter­native to the standard seminar, which often provides more answers.

The content of the training is defined by the customer and the goals are defined together, so that previ­ously unanswered questions can be worked through and answered.

The employees can implement the acquired knowledge faster and better, because the trainings are aligned to the existing projects and the given opera­tional procedure.

  • Joint defin­ition of training goals
  • Integration into the existing opera­tional sequence
  • The practical part can be directly applied to ongoing projects
  • Due to the proximity to the workplace, the contents can be imple­mented immedi­ately.

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