Service for measuring and determining relative movements

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By measuring and determining relative movements, potential sources of noise can be identified at an early stage and avoided through appropriate measures. Such measures should already be carried out in the development phase either on a prototype or if possible already in the CAE stage, which saves valuable resources in the development and minimizes the probability of later recalls.

Target Markets

  • Automobile
  • Vehicles


  • Shorter development times
  • Increase in product quality
  • Avoidance of customer complaints
  • Reduction of warranty costs

Fields of application Vehicle Shakers:

  • Simulation of real applications
  • Analysis of background noises such as Squeak and Rattle
  • Reliability tests
  • Product inspections

For the automotive industry, a special drive file was created as a lifetime profile that correlates with the kilometres driven on the road. Different road profiles, such as motorway, country road, town, etc., were taken into account and then merged into one profile.

With this excitation profile, 100,000 kilometres driven can be simulated on our test benches within 20 hours. In addition, the lifetime test can be modified with different climatic conditions.

Fields of application Component Shakers:

  • Simulation of real applications
  • In- or end-of-line quality assurance
  • Reliability tests
  • Service life tests if necessary

Disturbing ambient noises in the vehicle, such as squeaking or rattling [Squeak and Rattle] or creaking, always occur when two components move relative to each other.

The earlier one identifies potential causes of noise, the better.
It is therefore very important that attention is paid during the development phase to whether and how neighbouring parts behave in relation to each other. In this way, design or material changes can prevent annoying noises at an early stage and customer complaints at a later stage.

The measurements of relative movements of vehicle components are part of our standard testing service. We can carry out such measurements on public roads or special test tracks as well as on our shaker systems using excitation profiles [drive files].

You simply provide the appropriate component or vehicle, we take care of the rest. The entire organisation of the test, for example booking the test track, equipping the vehicles with the necessary measuring technology, recording the drive files – if drive files are to be tested later on on shaker test stands – and final processing of the data is taken care by us.