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Patented analytical method for assessment of instationary noise

The patented OCIAN (Objective Classification of Instationary Annoying Noises) method enables the objective assessment of non-stationary noise audible from overlying stationary background noise such as, for example, the driving noise of a car, which is perceived as an annoyance.

The assessment is based on the identification and classification of instationary squeak, rattle and clatter in relation to the current background noise level. The main applications are in-series sample tests for the objective assessment of the acoustic quality and comparative measurements for the verification of the effectiveness of actions for improvement taken.


  • Identification and assessment of non-stationary noise portions at up to 4 different microphone positions
  • Attention to coverage by stationary background noise
  • Determination of the degree of interference by assessing the perceptibility and frequency of non-stationary noise
  • Parallel recording of time signals for subjective cross reference
  • Combined test cycles for assessing the acoustic quality at different states of excitation
  • Mapping on a 1 to 10 scale
  • Notch function for suppressing external noise makes the method suitable for use in production environments
  • Available as off-line analysis tool on the basis of recorded WAVE audio files
  • Simple and reliable handling


  • Objective assessment of the acoustic quality of different states of construction and evaluation of the effectiveness of control action taken
  • Noise tests according to BMW PR311.2 and TP JLR 00.187
  • Quality assurance by in-series sample tests in production environments