Recording, analyzing and objectively evaluate sound and vibrations

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Target Markets

  • Automotive
  • Utility vehicles
  • Motorcycle
  • Electronics
  • White goods
  • Brown goods


Measurement and analysis of sound and vibration

Technical data of ZoundLab

  • Up to 16
  • Up to 20 (time signal analyses, FFT and 1/n octave spectra, transfer functions, PSD)
  • Up to 25 (e.g. up, down, right, left)
  • Freely adjustable pre- / post-run time (pre-/post-trigger)
  • Mobile and can be integrated in the production line
  • Like pulse counting, transient noises, relative motion, etc.
  • Channel A as a function of channel B
  • Real Time and Offline
  • Wave
  • MS-Word and PDF
  • txt, jpg, wav, pdf
  • Sound level
    Current force

ZoundLab is a PC-based measurement and test system for recording, analyzing and objectively evaluating vibration and sound. It can be used stationary for test stands or inline quality tests as well as for mobile measurements in the field or vehicle.

It has a modular design and can be individually adapted. By using different hardware platforms various solutions with up to 16 measurement channels can be realized. We offer you the complete range of sensors and accessories to fulfill your special measuring needs.

In addition to the classical analysis possibilities in the time and frequency domain, it also offers the possibility of psychoacoustic analysis. Additionally, ZoundLab also offers the possibility of integrating individual customer- or application-specific modules.

The optional OCIAN [Objective Classification of Instationary Annoying Noises] for the evaluation of transient noise may also be of great interest to customers from the automotive industry.

The clearly structured user interface allows easy operation of the system. Calibration, selection and parameterization of the desired analyses up to objective measurements can be set quickly. The freely definable limit values, reference measurements and statistical parameters can also be set quickly.


ZoundLab is a modular and flexibly expandable PC-based measurement and test system for recording, analyzing and objectively evaluating sound, vibration and other measured variables for mobile measurements or stationary quality measurements. Noise can therefore be better qualified and improved noise quality can be derived.