All our testing services at a glance

Material Pairing

SSP-04 Stick-Slip-Prüfstand

Material and lifetime tests

With a special service life profile, for example, 100,000 kilometers can be simulated within 20 hours. In addition, the test of the service life can be modified with different climatic conditions.

Disturbing Noises

Schwingerregung per Shaker

CAE Based Analysis

For vibration excitation we offer our customers two compact high-power shakers [HPS]. One is designed for the excitation of components and assemblies, the other for the excitation of complete vehicles or their bodies.


Contact Point Analysis

Prevention is the most efficient and cost-effective way of eliminating annoying noises. Through a targeted contact point analysis, critical contact points can already be identified on a CAD basis.

Service Shaker-Prüfungen

Shaker Tests

We offer vibration excitation testing services on high-performance shaker test benches. We have the latest sound and vibration measurement technology at our disposal, from simple microphones to complex acoustic measurement systems.


High-Power-Shaker Fahrzeuge

Vibration Profiles

We record excitation profiles or drive files. The recording can take place on public roads or special test tracks. We can meet almost any requirement with regard to road surface, road profile and speed profile.

High-Power-Shaker für Komponenten

Relative Movements

The performance of measurements to determine the relative movements of vehicle components is part of our standard testing services. We can perform such measurements on public roads or special test tracks as well as on our shaker systems using excitation profiles [Drive-Files].

Noise Quality

Service Vor-Ort-Messungen


With our ultra-modern equipment on test benches and our many years of experience, we can carry out a large number of standardized tests, but also very flexibly, individual test setups according to the customer’s specifications on site.

Touch Haptics

Haptischer Fingerabdruck

Haptic Fingerprint

The HapTemp test system and the TouchFeel reference system are used to objectively determine and measure the tactile properties of a surface using various tactile descriptors. A so-called haptic fingerprint is created from the results of the measurement.