Testing technologies for measuring noise quality

End of Line

End of Line

ZoundLab enables comprehensive vibro-acoustic measurements to be performed quickly and efficiently.

The evaluation of the specimen also starts at the beginning of the measurement. The result is available only a few seconds after completion of the measurements, so that even large quantities can be tested in a short time.


Instationary Noise

The OCIAN method enables the objective evaluation of transient background noise, which can be heard from a superimposed stationary background noise, e.g. the driving noise in a car.

The evaluation is carried out by detecting and classifying the transient squeaking, rattling and creaking noises in relation to the instantaneous level of the background noise.



ZoundLab is a PC-based measurement and test system for recording, analyzing and objectively evaluating vibration and sound.

It can be used stationary for test bench tests or inline quality tests as well as for mobile measurements in the field or vehicle.