Full vehicle shaker system

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Target Markets

  • Automotive
  • Utility vehicles
  • Motorcycle


  • Usefulness
  • Mobile
  • No test drives necessary
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to operate

Technical data of the HPS for vehicles

  • 11 KN
  • 3,5 Tons
  • PC-System
  • 260 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 30 kg

Plant description:

  • Steel base plates as the basis of the plant and for positioning the lifting systems and shakers
  • Electric or electrohydraulic lifting system for vehicle positioning
  • 2 High Power Shaker HPS 350 with electromagnetic fixation and docking system
  • Control cabinet with control for the shaker
  • PC system for controling and evaluation
  • Sensor system with data acquistion for drive file recordings
  • Software with data logger, headphones, measuring microphones for noise recording and evaluation

By using our patented High Power Shaker in test bench construction for Squeak and Rattle analyzes, disturbing noises can be detected and eliminated in good time.

The use of accelerometers mounted on the bodywork via magnets means all movements of the vehicle can be recorded and, hence, a so-called ‘Drive File’ generated during a real test drive over the defined rough stretch of road.

The use of HPS now makes it possible to induce the excitation recorded on the test track into the vehicle under laboratory conditions. The accuracy of the road profile simulation here is almost 100%. The advantage of the simulation is that there are no distracting secondary effects such as wind, engine or rolling noises.

A further advantage is the exact reproducibility of the journey – as often as you like. This means all relevant disruptive noises can be detected and appropriate preventive measures taken in good time ahead of the start of series production.


The vehicles are agitated on this shaker system by two or four high power shakers in the vertical direction with time-history, random or synthetic signals. We recommend the variant with 4 actuators because the roadway simulations are even more realistic here.