Highest efficiency and lowest cost through preventive actions

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The highest efficiency and lowest cost of the elimination of squeak and rattle can be achieved by preventive action at the software stage. Cost caused by tooling modification, rework or warranty/goodwill can be reduced significantly.

The prevention process consists of the following steps:

  • Locate contact points on CAD basis
  • Identify critical contact points
  • Assess and squeak and rattle risk
  • Develop solutions
  • Verify results

Risk assessment follows BMW PR 315.1, TPJLR-00230, ZINS-PV-KST and other equivalent methods.

The development of design solutions requires a wealth of experience which ZIEGLER-Instruments has gathered systematically since 1995. Regrettably, experience cannot be cataloged because every design situation is unique. New design guidelines must be developed for every OEM.