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Checking the touch haptic characteristics of delivered materials is an important aspect of quality assurance. A surface should not only comply with a certain safety standard, it should also generate a distinct haptic feeling.

In the past, materials were said to be froggy. Unfortunately, the person to whom this term is addressed hardly knows what it implies. Therefore, ZIEGLER-Instruments has developed a system for the objective determination of touch haptic properties of materials.

We have a measuring and a reference system in our lab which can measure different touch haptic descriptors of the surfaces tested. Because the touch haptic studies are still very much in their infancy, dialog and the discussion of the results with others are valuable because they bring together the experience of the customer, that of subject studies and the measuring results obtained by ZIEGLER-Instruments.

After the test, a haptic fingerprint of the material is generated. If a reference material was determined before the test, the results of materials tested can be referenced to these results. In this way, the customer can produce a material that leaves a certain predetermined haptic impression.