Excitation Profiles

Simulation of street drive files

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Vibration tests on electrodynamic shaker test benches or hydro-pulsers have been an established practice in the automotive industry for many years. Components and also whole vehicles are tested on such benches. Whereas formerly synthetic signals or noise profiles were used often, today real driving profiles are increasingly applied for such tests.

In this way, real-life conditions can be simulated on a test bench. The test should provide the best possible simulation of the stress on the tested components in real road use of the car.

The controller of the vibration test bench needs an appropriate time signal that reflects the acceleration of the component under test. Such acceleration-time signals recorded under real driving conditions are called drive files.

Our range of services for customers includes the recording of excitation profiles and drive files. According to customer requirements, the profiles can be recorded on public roads or on test courses. Virtually any requirement as to road surface, road and speed profile can be simulated.

The complete organization of test course bookings, the equipment of the vehicles with the required measuring instruments, the recording drives and also the processing of the data recorded are provided by us. You merely provide the vehicle you want us to test.