Vibration Measurement

RION Vibration Meters

  • RION VM-63a

    RION VM-63a

    The RION VM-63A is an ultra compact vibration meter with integrated acceleration sensor for vibration diagnostic field work.

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  • RION VM-82

    RION VM-82

    The RION VM-82 is a very compact, simple to use and exact vibration meter for many different applications in industry.

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  • RION VM-54

    RION VM-54

    The RION VM-54 is a compact, light-weight and easy to handle 3-axis vibration meter for measuring human and machine vibrations.

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  • RION VA-12

    RION VA-12

    The compact vibration analyzer VA-12 combines a simple vibration meter with the benefits of a powerful frequency analyzer.

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