8th International S& R Forum

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Professor for Theoretical Physics


Information is important and helps you stay abreast of professional developments. Experience, on the other hand, gives you the advantage of the inside track. So actively shape your professional career and build a wealth of know-how.

Our 8th International S& R Forum is an attractive building block towards that aim. The motto of the Forum is S & R Solutions and will bring together experts, developers and interested parties from research and industry. As specialist and industry expert in squeak and rattle and the quality of noise, you work on the improvement of the subjective and objective quality of noise and its features.

It is known that quality is the criterion to buy or not to buy a product. Annoying S&R, friction and stick-slip affect the subject impact of quality. Sustainably effective measures for improving and securing the perceived quality extend over the whole product formation process.

The speakers at the 8th International S&R Forum will present and discuss new findings and product innovations in the fields to which the Forum is dedicated. Besides, the Forum will also be a platform for the intensive exchange of experience with experts, among peers and a lot more.

The exhibition organized together with the Forum highlights new side by side with known and proven products and processes in your specific field.

Look forward to Bad Ems, the interaction of innovation and tradition, your industry platform and the solutions and approaches to attaining your targets.

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