Calibration service for your stick-slip test bench

The accuracy of electronic components is subject to fluctuation with time. Therefore, it is necessary to recalibrate measuring instruments in regular intervals. Careful maintenance and calibration reduces measuring errors, improves the consistency between measurements, avoids waste in production caused by incorrect measuring data and is a guarantee for precise, reliable measurements. In short, regular calibration of measuring devices is the basis of products and services of high quality.

Our calibration service includes the examination of the whole test bench for possible defects and damage as well as of the test bench computer and the computer software for proper function. The calibration will be documented in a calibration certificate that we issue to you.

Minor defects detected after the end of the warranty period will be repaired without additional cost. A larger defect will be repaired when the owner confirms the appropriate repair cost.

If you have questions, please contact our sales or the service department.

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