The quietest Shaker in the World

Secretly, accurately and quietly ..... this is the way the development team of the Ziegler Instruments GmbH usually works in their laboratories. Normally the research on the latest technological innovations in the field of S&R analysis is done here  without big sensations.

However, the latest news of our engineers are so impressive that we want - not without a certain pride - to share them with the entire world. ZINS now has by far the quietest shaker in the world.

We have succeeded to reduce the operating noise of our SAREX shaker so much that we leave all competitors far behind us. The newest generation of SAREX shakers meets the requirements of the NR25 Noise Rating Curve when using a common S&R vibration profile. Now no special enclosure or additional insulation is required anymore when using the newest SAREX shaker.

Therewith ZINS set a new benchmark and thus is the undisputed technology leader in the field of S&R shakers. Based on the SAREX shaker ZINS provides a wide range of S&R shaker systems. Starting with the cost-efficient SAREX UNO system for vertical excitation, continuing with the SAREX 3D system for simultaneous excitation in all three dimensions and up to the large 6DOF system called SAREX SETTE, we offer customized solutions to ZINS customers.

Do you want to learn more about the quietest shaker in the world and our SAREX systems? The ZINS sales team will be pleased to support you!