SSP-04 Test Bench

Stick-slip test bench for the measurement of stick-slip phenomena caused my material pairing

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Stick-slip test bench for the examination of material pairs.

Stick-slip is undesirable. It produces noise that is perceived as nuisance. Besides, stick-slip can increase abrasion and wear.

The SSP-04 was developed specifically for the measurement of stick-slip phenomena. This includes the measurement of friction coefficients under conditions of typical application and measurements in the wider climate range from -40°C to +80°C.

All measurements comply with VDA-230-206 and with test specifications of well-known OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, GM, Toyota, Fiat, Jaguar Land Rover and many others.

The risk priority index calculated on the basis of the measuring results is an indicator whether a material pair is a potential S&R source or is acceptable. This is helpful for the designer; he can take suitable countermeasures in good time.

Technical data of the SSP-04:

Speed range 1 - 150mm/s
Contact pressure 2 - 80N
Contact pressure speed and holding time adjustable
Infeed Control  by force and distance
Suitable for climates between-40°C and 80°C
Measuring range for sliding and adhesive friction force 0 – 35N

Application examples:

  • Infeed is force and position controlled, so the elastic/plastic behavior of parts (e.g., seals) can be defined.
  • An optional lifetime profile makes simulation of driving distances possible, e.g., 100,000km, to define the abrasion behavior of coatings or surface structures.
  • Optionally, tests with motion profiles of power windows or power roofs or with individual excitation profiles can be performed.


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Development of the test bench SSP-04