Surface Touch Tester

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The haptic roughness, the structure, the sensory perception people have when they touch or feel a surface is simulated by the Surface Touch Tester as reproducible measuring procedure under laboratory conditions. This makes it possible to include "perceived" properties of materials in their selection and assessment. This method can be used with leather, imitation leather, soft-coated composite materials and textiles.

The tester is operated from the panel PC. The parameters can easily be adapted to the different materials and individual measurement processes can be generated. Standard interfaces include USB, ethernet and the serial RS-232 interface. The integrated electronic control circuitry ensures that measuring data is acquired completely and is responsible for the motion control for the actual measuring process.

Requirements on the sample material:

  • Sample size: approx. 120mm
  • Thickness: max. 30mm

Measurement analysis:

  • Ra (mean peak-to-valley height of a surface profile)
  • Ry (max. profile height of a material surface)
  • Rz (roughness depth averaged from Ry)
  • Filtering (FIR/GAUSS)