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Acoustic volume measurement with the RION Volumeter
The acoustic volume meter from RION was developed specifically for the measurement of combustion chamber volumes of engines and cylinder heads. It replaces the traditional calibration procedure during which the volume at the cylinder head or engine was defined by adding defined volume of liquid (oil) in a labor and time consuming process. The measurements with the RION Volumeter have a number of advantages:

Faster and more precise measurement
The measurement with the RION Volumeter is completed within a few seconds. The result is available within 5 seconds after the start of the measurement. Measurements can be repeated with high accuracy any number of times. The measuring accuracy of a specimen of approx. 50 ml volume is within +/- 0.05 ml limits. The quality of the measuring results is always high and depends much less on the experience and skill of the tester. Even complex shapes with undercuts where air bubbles tended to form during conventional calibration can be measured quickly and without problem.

No special preparation of the test specimen
As a rule, the test specimen requires no particular preparation or treatment. The measuring head with the appropriate adapter is simply placed on the specimen and the measurement started. Oil or grease (as sealant) is not required. So there is no laborious cleaning of the test specimen after the measurement.

Measurements of the enclosed combustion space volume in the spark plug hole
The RION Volumeter can also make measurements on the completely assembled cylinder block. Simply unscrew the spark plug and install a special adapter for the volumeter in the hole. The measurement is then made in the same quick and uncomplicated manner as described above.

Portable, simple-to-handle system
The whole system is portable and fits into a transport case. A conventional PC and a 230V power source is all that is needed. The measuring system is set up and ready for operation within a few minutes. The system software is easy to use and can be grasped within a few minutes even by an inexperienced user.

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