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Our 3-axis human vibration meter

Compact, light-weight and easy to handle tool for measuring human and machine vibrations. Optional program cards make the device suitable particularly for measurements of hand-arm vibrations and whole body vibrations. The software is available on compact flash cards to make the vibration meter suitable for three different measuring specifications according to the following ISO norms.

ISO 2563:
Measurement and calculation of the effect of whole body vibrations on humans (VX-54WB program card)

ISO 5349:
Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibrations (VX-54WWH program card)

ISO 6954:
Measurement, reporting and evaluation of vibration with regard to habitability on passenger and merchant ships (VX-54WS program card)

Each of the above measurements requires a different vibration sensor. An optional program card for FFT frequency analysis of the signal is also available (VX-54WS program card).


  • Three types of measurements of human exposure to vibration with optional program cards
  • Optional FFT frequency analysis program card available
  • Storage of measuring on a CompactFlashCard
  • 3-axial analog AC outputs
  • Two LC displays for simple configuration and measurement
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