RION NL-42/NL-52

Sound Level Meter

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For reliable sound measurement

RION sound level meter NL-52 (EX) class 1 calibratable
RION sound level meter NL-42 - class 2

The extremely user friendly and handy RION sound level meters NL-52 (EX) and NL-42 support every measuring process. The intuitive menu design with integrated help function was developed to spare the user the need of reading a clumsy user manual but make all required measurements quickly and without loss of time.

A large and easy to read 3-inch LCD color display guarantees secure readability of the displayed measuring values. The robust housing is splash-proof to IP 54 (except the microphone unit). So measurements need not be interrupted when it starts raining. Besides, rechargeable batteries can be used. An aspect of environmental compatibility and cost saving hat should not be ignored.


  • 7.63 cm high-resolution touch display for easy readability of measuring data and settings indoors and in the field
  • With PTB approval (NL-52)
  • The operation manual and the help functions are easy to understand by the user also when he is using the sound level meter
  • Anti-slip rubberized handles
  • Water-repellent (except the microphone unit)
  • Splash-proof design according to IP 54 warranted
  • Rechargeable batteries can be used
  • Dry alkaline batteries can have a life of up to 24 hours
  • Continuous and detailed measurements can be made for a long time (1 month)
  • Functional enhancement possible
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