Material Database

PEM database for the stick-slip risk of material pairs

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About half of all annoying noise events are due to incompatible materials which cause squeak or rattle by relative movement.

Therefore, serious problems can be eliminated when relative movement is avoided or suitable materials chosen. Based on totally over 10,000 individual measurements, a material database has been compiled which already incorporates many of the common materials in the market and provides solutions for grain, coating and additives.


  • Simple search function for quick finds.
  • Immediate benefit by indication of solutions for critical contact areas.
  • No unnecessary hardware loops
  • Direct benefit in connection with preventive S&R elimination and CAE based software solutions


  • Information on the stick-slip risk and friction values of material pairs
  • Analysis of the effect of grain, additives and coatings
  • Setting of temperature, relative speed and relative humidity
  • Output of risk priority indexes according to VDA 230-206, Max-g and of friction values

Each material combination is stored in the database with about 30 different criteria. These criteria relate to different groups. For example, one group is the material with trade name and supplier’s name, another group characterizes the surface properties in terms of structure, finish, and other details. A third group focuses on external parameters such as normal force, speed, temperature and moisture.