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Mobile High Power Shaker for Vehicles

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The high power shaker patented by our partner AKE is a world novelty in the area of S&R testing. Stationary vehicles can be excited and driving road profiles replicating exactly those of a real road drive can be simulated on this test. Squeak and rattle is detected early and suitable controlling action taken.

The High Power Shaker (HPS) is a completely new development of a mobile shaker for exciting vehicles or material. Only 25 centimeters in height and weighing about 20 kilograms, the HPS is about ten times smaller than conventional electro-dynamic shakers, a half pint.

But it generates 6 kilo-Newton excitation power – a powerhouse. Of compact design, it finds application in different production environments. Loads as heavy as 3.5 tons, the class we see increasingly often in luxury cars or SUVs, can be exposed to real-life vibration – with real-time control. The system can be retrofitted in available testing and production lines.

During real test drives on defined rough road conditions all movements of a vehicle are recorded by acceleration sensors which are fixed to the body by magnets, and drive files generated from the data recorded. The HPS then replicates the excitation recorded on the road or test course and applies it to the vehicle under laboratory conditions.

The main advantage is that parasitic noise such as wind, engine or wheel rolling noise can be eliminated. Besides, the 100 per cent reproduction of the road profile is of particular importance. You can repeat the profiles as often as you want. In this way, any S&R can be located and suitable control action taken in time before serial production starts.

This new type of shaker test bench avoids expensive test drives and real-life road profiles can be simulated at reasonable cost. Other applications include reliability tests, noise analysis and product inspections.

Shaker system for testing complete vehicles

Two high power shakers excite the vehicles in vertical direction by means of synthetic signals or so called drive files.

System description:

  • Steel plates form the basis on which the test bench is set up and carry the lifting systems and the shaker
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting system for vehicle positioning
  • Two HPS 350 high power shakers with electromagnetic fixing mechanism and manual hydraulic docking system
  • Control cabinet for shaker control equipment
  • PC system for control and analysis
  • Sensor system and drive file recording device
  • Software with data logger, headphone, measuring microphones for S&R recording and analysis