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Mobile High Power Shaker for Components

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We are offering with the power shaker (HPS) for components a completely new version of a mobile high power shaker for the excitation of components and assemblies in the automotive industry.

This shaker is about ten times smaller than conventional electrodynamics shakers. That small size and the low weight are distinctive features of the shaker. The shaker finds many applications in the development as much as in production.

It can also be service fitted into available production and testing lines.

Shaker system for testing components

Any components, e.g., seats or instrument panels, can be excited on the shaker by synthetic signals or drive files and tested sequentially in three axes (X-Y-Z).

System description:

  • Steel plate with 3 adapter positions as base frame for the high power shaker
  • Vibration table (1500 x 650 mm) with specimen fixture and support
  • 1 high power shaker HPS 350 with adapter plate
  • Control cabinet with control for the shaker
  • PC system for control and analysis
  • Sensor system with recorder for drive file generation
  • Software with data logger, headphone, measuring microphones for S&R recording and analysis