Stick-Slip Testing Bench

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H3P Stick-slip test bench for examination of material pairs under the action of external materials.

The H3P was developed specifically for measurements of stick-slip phenomena. External materials are materials that surround or deposit on a material surface and therefore influence the tribological system. Typical examples include oil, grease, fuels and other hydrocarbons as well as cooling liquids, water, paste, dust, etc.

The test bench enables the systematic measurements and analysis of tribological properties such as static friction, dynamic friction, stick-slip, abrasion and wear.

The effect of external materials on the tribologial properties of materials and components is substantial. Examples are antifriction agents and lubricants used over a wide temperature range in engine technology to reduce wear and improve energy efficiency. The effect of corrosive and wear-increasing media on the abrasion properties an also be quantified by this technology.

Technical specifications of the H3P:

Speed 1 – 150mm/s
Contact pressure up to 30N
Measuring range for static and dynamic friction 0 – 35N
Linear axis stroke up to 200mm
Different test specimen geometries Possible

Applications examples:

  • Examination of material pairs under the action of eternal materials, e.g., oil, grease, dust and lubricants
  • The effectiveness of antifriction agents and lubricants can be tested with a special integrated abrasion mode. The abrasion mode can also determine the scratch resistance of surfaces.