Acoustic camera

Hand-held camera with 40 microphones

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An acoustic camera merges sound and images and calculates digitally, to within fractions of a millimeter, where the noise is coming from. Our mobile acoustic camera locates the sound source quickly and reliably with a single measurement.

The hand-held camera consists of 40 microphones and is one of the world’s smallest systems; it is mostly used for mobile measurements. The extra small size of only little more than 40 cm, the integration of the system relevant equipment and the direct linkup with a PC or laptop computer ensure instant and uncomplicated readiness for measurements.

The measuring jobs – starting at 1300 Hz - are manifold and include squeak and rattle, environmental measurements, leak measurements and other applications.


Our user oriented software prompts the user safely and reliably from the acquisition and analysis to the storage and reporting of acoustic data.

  • On-line and off-line analysis
  • Acoustic photo and acoustic video
  • Frequency analysis and time-frequency analysis (sonogram)
  • Acoustic weighting (A,B,C) or linear weighting
  • Open interfaces to Matlab for own algorithms
  • Simple export of thirds/octaves, measurements, acoustic photos or videos
  • Reproduction of the local noise
  • Many HD algorithms:
    • Beam forming
    • EVOB
    • CLEAN SC
    • MUSIC
    • CAPON
    • DAMAS
    • Real 3D beam forming

Technical data:

Diameter >400mm
Weight  1,7 kg
Material Fiber reinforced plastic
 Microphone 40 MEMS, 24-bit resolution, dynamic
Voltage  from 1300 Hz with 40° resolution