Additional approved research project

Annoying noises do not only cause negative reviews from customers of high-end luxury vehicles. Additionally comfort requirements for vehicles acoustics does increase rapidly. Therefore annoying noises like squeak and rattle are causing approx. 40 Mill € warranty and good will cost over the lifetime of a series.

Now a days, during the development of vehicles whole components like doors, seats and IP´s are tested on Squeak & Rattle test stands. During those tests the individual components are excited with a “road profile”. Main target is the localization of critical contact points or durability tests.

In order to localize annoying noises a noise reduced (max. 30dB) test environment is necessary. Current available electromagnetic shakers in the world market only meet the sound emission requirements for a total excitation mass of up to 150 kg. The excitation mass consists of the test specimen, the load capacity and the net weight of the test stand.

Target of the overall project is the consistent application of functional optimized lightweight constructions, to reduce the net weight significantly. The innovative test system features a reduction of the overall net weight, increase of the useable amplitude range and the implementation of the test under climatic conditions of -30°C up to 80°C.