Current Situation in regards to Haptics

Touch haptics measurement system

After intensive measurements and the newly obtained knowledge it was possible for us, the company ZIEGLER-Instruments to move forwards in haptics. The measurement process for the individual test stands for the different haptical descriptors were revised and optimized, so that a better correlation between the perceived sensation and the physical measured parameters was established.

Additionally, we started to develop a new scale for the material group “leather and artificial leather”. The reference samples within the TouchFeel Box are for all different materials and therefore are very generally structured. However, in order to get a better separation between the measurement results for a specific material group an individual scale for the different material groups is very helpful.

With the help of two additional companies we developed the corresponding scale for leather and artificial leather. During the process we established new reference materials with corresponding values. The ultimate goal was to have a TouchFeel Box with corresponding reference samples and values for leather and artificial leather. This improves the specification of new materials for the designer and also make it easier for the supplier to provide the proper material.