For whom we work


Our main customers include international OEM‘s and suppliers in the automotive industry. We align our services strictly to the requirements of our partners – customer satisfaction is our Number One target.

Secrecy and confidentiality of customer data has highest priority for us. Our references include only projects already in series production. We thank our customers for their trust and the approval of publication.

ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbH was involved in implementing the following test specifications:

  • BMW PR 311.2 Messung von Störgeräuschen von Komponenten und Gesamtfahrzeug 2005
  • BMW PR 315.1 Kontaktstellenanalyse und Untersuchung von Materialpaarungen 2006
  • Fiat 7N0007
  • Ford 400 Squeak and Rattle Evaluation of Material Pairs (ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbH System) 2005
  • TPJLR-00-230 S&R prevention and material pair testing
  • VDA 230-206
  • Renault 64130-2005-2316
  • TSL5102 Evaluation method of creaking noise between interior materials Jun2010