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With excitation profiles, material testing and lifetime tests can considerably be simplified and shortened, while at the same time the accuracy of the measurement results can be increased and thus improve the basis for decision making for material pairs and surface properties.

Target Markets

  • Automobile
  • Vehicles


  • Shorter development times
  • Increase in product quality
  • Avoidance of customer complaints
  • Reduction of warranty costs

Fields of application Vehicle Shakers:

  • Simulation of real applications
  • Analysis of background noises such as Squeak and Rattle
  • Reliability tests
  • Product inspections

For the automotive industry, a special drive file was created as a lifetime profile that correlates with the kilometres driven on the road. Different road profiles, such as motorway, country road, town, etc., were taken into account and then merged into one profile.

With this excitation profile, 100,000 kilometres driven can be simulated on our test benches within 20 hours. In addition, the lifetime test can be modified with different climatic conditions.

Fields of application Component Shakers:

  • Simulation of real applications
  • In- or end-of-line quality assurance
  • Reliability tests
  • Service life tests if necessary

Vibration test on electrodynamic shakers or hydropulsers has long been established in the automotive industry. ZIEGLER-Instruments also has two compact electrodynamic shaker test rigs in its portfolio, one shaker test rig for components and one for complete vehicles.

Whereas in the past synthetic signals or noise profiles were often used for excitation, today more and more excitation profiles are recorded in advance on real test tracks and are used for such tests. This significantly increases the accuracy and significance of the measurement results in the subsequent relative motion test.

The excitation profile should simulate realistic conditions with the real excitation on the test stand. The test should best simulate the load of the respective component or the vehicle as it will result later in real driving operation.

The controller of the vibration test bench needs a corresponding time signal which reflects the acceleration of the respective component. Such acceleration time signals recorded in real driving operation are called excitation profiles or drive files.

As part of our testing service portfolio, we offer our customers the recording of such excitation profiles or drive files. According to the customer’s specifications, the recording can be done on public roads or special test tracks. We can meet almost any requirement in terms of road surface, road profile and speed profile.

The entire organisation of the test, for example booking the test track, equipping the vehicles with the necessary measuring technology, recording of the data and finally processing, is taken care by us.

All you have to do is provide the appropriate vehicle. Of course, we also offer you the testing service for relative movements.