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With the help of CAE-based analysis, Squeak&Rattle risks at contact points can be identified, assessed and analyzed. The numerical simulation enables an exact root cause analysis, and a targeted optimization can be carried out. Different solution variants can be tested and compared for their improvement potential.

For an optimal and efficient prevention of S&R problems we offer a combined procedure of classical contact point analysis and CAE-based analysis.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Classical contact point analysis :
    Visual inspection of all possible contact points and focusing only on the most critical contact points as a starting point for a detailed numerical simulation.
  • FE-model:
    Creation of so-called “e-lines” at the contact points. Input of material pair data as well as gap geometries and tolerances.
  • Virtual test setup:
    Corresponds approximately to the connection of an assembly that is used during a shaker test. Define the temporal excitation, the excitation points and the excitation direction.
  • S&R analysis:
    Calculation and representation of the relative movement between components. Localization of problem zones (rattle assessment via data and squeak assessment via material pair data)
  • Solution finding:
    Cause analysis (root cause) via the presentation of the vibration modes involved. Creating and testing solution approaches and assessing their improvement potential.

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