Line-integrated checking of functional noises during production

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End of Line Prüfstand


End-of-line test benches based on the ZoundLab test system use fast and comprehensive vibro-acoustic measurements to provide information on whether a component or product is producing the desired functional noise or whether unwanted noise is occurring. Those noises can reduce the subjective product quality and have a negative impact on consumers purchasing decision.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase in product quality
  • Avoidance of recalls
  • Reduction of warranty costs

Modern products of all kinds contain a large number of moving parts. Many of these components are now motor-driven. When such motor-driven components are actuated, so-called functional noises are generated. These functional noises are usually unavoidable and usually even intended to indicate the correct function of the component.

It is therefore of particular importance that these functional noises sound pleasant, corresponding to the respective function. Disturbing background noises such as cracking, creaking, squeaking, etc. are undesirable. They cloud the subjective quality impression and even influence the purchase decision in the context of cognitive dissonance.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in customer complaints due to such unpleasant background noises. These complaints result in high costs for their elimination. Not to mention the effects on future purchase decisions.

The most sensible way to avoid these disturbing noises is, of course, the design and choice of materials. This is where the SSP-04 and H3P stick-slip test rigs come in handy. But even during or at the end of the manufacturing process, functional components or finished products can be subjected to acoustic testing with the aid of end-of-line tests. This prevents faulty parts from entering the production process or defective products from incurring high complaint costs.

The ZIEGLER-Instruments test bench concepts implemented to date are all based on the ZoundLab test system. ZoundLab makes it possible to perform extensive vibro-acoustic measurements quickly and efficiently. At the beginning of the measurement, the evaluation of the test specimen also starts at the same time. The result is available only a few seconds after completion of the measurements, so that even large quantities can be tested in a short time.

ZIEGLER-Instruments has many years of experience in this field and has already successfully installed many end-of-line test benches. We are happy to take over the conception for your end-of-line test bench.

In addition to the necessary hardware and software, we also offer you our expertise in determining the good/bad criteria.

Just get in touch with us. We will also find a solution for your application.


  • Vibro-acoustic measurement of functional noises
  • In-line production test
  • End-of-line production test